i have a thing for stydia,
i'm in love with dob,
and and dylan sprayberry is my boyfriend.


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a kind of emotional tether
"we protect those who cannot protect themselves"


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it happened again, I’m sorry

We are trying to tell a story of a boyhood crush turning into possibly adult love. Stiles must see Lydia as more than just a beautiful girl before he could actually love her. And Lydia has to see Stiles as more than just a dumb kid chasing after her. It is interesting to try to craft growing, maturing relationships

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These are the kind of quotes that prove Stydia is endgame 

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We had this Christmas tree, and we kept it even beyond Christmas, me and Tyler loved it so much and one time we were having people come over and Hoechlin picks up the Christmas tree and he starts bringing it into his room and me and Posey were like ‘What are you doing?’ and he was like ‘we’re having people over, I’m moving the tree into the room so it doesn’t get damaged’ and I was like ‘it’s not gonna get damaged what are you talking about bro, we’re not going to like touch the tree’ and he was like ‘alright, you just got to promise that we don’t break the tree.’ Cut to-


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Ross Geller Disaster Dates

NEXT TIME ON DETECTIVE HALE: will he realise that the red liquid on the floor is blood, will he work out that the non-breathing person is dead and will Miss Tate ever stop being so easily impressed? TUNE IT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.

me talking to little kids: oh hey man wow I like your shoes they light up! No way I wish I had some like that, I bet they make you run so fast!!
me talking to older people: I'm not really sure what it is I want to do with my life, but I figure that as long as I'm happy it can't be that bad
me talking to people my age: well howdily doodily my fellow young people, what's hip hop happening over here? I'm just off to inject a meth and listen to an MTV if you youngsters are 'down' also haha look at that lingo, golly gosh what a time to be alive

teen wolf: a summery 

I think it’s a yes to both.

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